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Botanical Gardens

Just wander through the different gardens in Spring, Summer or Fall - always a pleaure and educational as well!

Part of Utrecht University

The Botanical Gardens go back to 1639, when the first hortus was set up at the Sonnenborgh location (where you will now find the Sonnenborgh museum and observatorium). The gardens have moved several times since and are now located at Utrecht Science Park (de Uithof). The gardens initially served research and education, but gradually the public function and nature preservation became important objectives as well. And that is why we can now enjoy the beauty of nature here.

Multiple gardens

You will find six completely different gardens here, each hosting their specific biotopes: The Rock Garden (one of the largest in Europe), the System Garden, the subtropical greenhouses, the Outer Fortress (the Botanical Gardens are located on the grounds of a former fortress), the Topical Garden and the Tiny Creatures Garden.

The Gardens are meticulously maintained, with the exception of the Outer Fortress, where the purpose is to maintain a 'poor' state, so local vegetation can sustain itself here. As a result, this zone can become quite savage.

The Botanical Gardens are opened daily between March 1st and December 1st and located within the Utrecht Science Park de Uithof.


Address: Budapestlaan 17 Utrecht

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