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Experience historical Utrecht and walk along this lesser known, but equally beautiful canal.

Unlike the busy Oudegracht, the Nieuwegracht ("New canal") offers a place of tranquility in the city of Utrecht. This is mostly because Nieuwegracht is not a shopping zone but more residential. As a result, ground level facades have not been modernized. Nieuwegracht starts just south of Dom Church. The intersection of Trans, Pausdam, Kromme Nieuwe Gracht and Nieuwegracht offers a great opportunity for a 360 degree panoramic view of historical Utrecht.

From this starting point, wander along Nieuwegracht and observe the plaques embedded in many houses. Do not forget to walk a part of the journey at the waterfront level. The waterway of Nieuwegracht leads to Tolsteegsingel, a part of the former water defence line of the city. At the end of Nieuwegracht you can see Sonnenborgh, the observatorium and museum, and looking right you look into Agnietenstraat.

While walking along the canal you will pass Centraal Israëlitisch Weeshuis (Central Israelian Orphanage), located at Nieuwegracht 92. In 1942 the inhabitants and staff of this building were deported by the German occupation force, first to camp Westerbork and from there to several concentration camps in Eastern Europe. So-called "Stolpersteine" or stumbling stones in front of the entrance remind us of this black page in the history of this building.

Address: Nieuwe Gracht Utrecht

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