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St Mary's yard

A hidden spot of tranquility in the city and a great place to enjoy your packed lunch.

When the eleventh century church of St Mary's was torn down in the 19th century, the garden and covered walkway were fortunately spared - but only because they were on the property of the neighboring Old-Catholic Church.

This cloister garden is a hidden spot on Mariaplaats, right next to the building for Arts and Sciences (currently hosting the Utrecht Conservatorium or University of Arts, Music branch). Walk through the covered walkway and enjoy the view through the arches. The well-maintained garden hosts many different and unusual flowers and plants (full list on the Dutch website below). Make sure to also visit adjacent Mariahoek with its stately houses and quiet atmosphere.

Foto's: 1. Anne Hamers / Toerisme Utrecht; 2, 3:

Address: Mariaplaats Utrecht

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11th Century Garden Cloister

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