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Trajectum Lumen

Explore Utrecht in the dark and allow yourself to be led by Trajectum Lumen; with or without guide.

Colorful evenings and nights

In the evening and at night Utrecht shows itself from another perspective. In the dark suddenly a route comes to life past illumnated buildings and objects, that has inspired many photographers. This project encompasses buildings that are illuminated in a special (and often dynamic) way, and light objects offering surprising effects. Trajectum Lumen (or: illuminated Utrecht) wants to take you by the hand.

Maybe you have already asked yourself this question when walking through the city: what are these small lights in the pavement? At night the answer becomes obvious: they form the route of Trajectum Lumen.

The route

Start at Vredenburg and turn into Zakkendragersteeg. You will walk past Neudeflat (by locals generally considered the ugliest building in town), Town Hall, Willebrordus Church, St John's Church, Pausdam, Dom Tower, Buurkerk and the end destination is Mariaplaats. This meandering  route takes you across the Oudegracht waterway four times so you can discover the beautifully lit bridges.

There are regular guided tours, during which the guides explain the ideas behind the light art. Check the website for these tours. A map of the route and a description of the light art work can be downloaded there as well, so you should be able to enjoy the walk without a guide as well.

Trajactum Lumen is an initiative of the City of Utrecht and is co-sponsored by the European Union and the Department of Commerce.

Source photos:

1, 2, 3. Merijn van der Vliet / Toerisme Utrecht, 4. Anne Hamers / Toerisme Utrecht

Address: Vredenburg Utrecht

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