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Travelguide Interglobe

This small paradise for travelers in Vinkenburgstraat offers travel guides and maps for literally any destination.

In a time where has taken over the books landscape, it is truly a relief to walk into bookstore Interglobe, which is specialized in travel. No matter in which direction you will look, you will see travel guids and maps!

There is no destination too remote or obscure for this store. Most likely they will even have detailed maps of the place you plan to visit. You don't know yet where your next trip will take you? Be inspired here. Djibouti, Congo Brazzaville, Azerbeidzjan, Angola, Brunei, Equador, Fiji, Montenegro, if you can think of the place, they will provide you with a selection of guides and maps.

Address: Vinkenburgstraat 7 3512 AA Utrecht

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