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Domkerk courtyard

This enclosed garden takes you back to the late Middle Ages. See Dom church and tower from a different perspective.


This enclosed garden has been restored, but its existance at one point was questionable. After the original construction (in the years 1390-1440) the courtyard was in use as a cloister garden, and if you take the time to sit down here, you can almost feel that. But in the eighteenth and nineteenth century the courtyard had ended up in a terrible state and was in use as storage space and sometimes even as soldiers' quarters. There was much to do about the ownership of this courtyard, the church and the tower. State, city council and the Dutch Reformed Church had their claims on these buildings and grounds. During the French occupation the Dom church had become property of the State, and it took until 1826 before all ownership issues where clarified. But that did not necessarily mean that the prospective owners started to care about this historical site and the buildings surrounding it. An adjacent Medeval house belonging to the cloister was torn down. Not until the end of nineteenth century the courtyard was restored into its current state. 

You may enter the courtyard both from the Dom square as well as from the street called "Achter de Dom" (behind the Dom); entrance is free. Wander through the archway and admire the garden from each possible direction. The courtyard is a great place to experience some peace and quiet in the heart of the city!


Address: Domplein 9 Utrecht

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