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Discover DOMunder

DOMunder is the new historical attraction in Utrecht for young and old. Already honored with a prestigious international award.

Submerge yourself in 2000 years of history. Grab the smart flashlight and go on an underground exploration full of exiting stories and archeological artefacts..

Discover the Roman times and Middle Ages with modern aids

DOMunder allows you to experience history from the time the Romans built the castellem Trajectum, around 45 A.D. And why was Utrecht the center of the Netherlands in the middle ages? You can even experience the destructive tornado that caused the nave of the Dom to collapse in 1674. DOMunder brings the history buried under the Dom Square to life for all to experience and see, young and old alike.

A visit to DOMunder begins at Domplein 4: here you can purchase tickets and visit ancient cellars. Special guided archeological tours can also be arranged tor those who want to dig deeper.

Prestigious award

DOMunder was honered om April 29th in London with Museums + Heritage Awards for Excellence 2015 in the category International. DOMunder receives the award for the experience design developed by the Utrecht consultanting company Tinker imagineers in cooperation with JDdV Architects. “We loved the innovative and creative use of technology which was an intelligent solution to the challenge of interpreting archaeology, successfully creating a sense of place and bringing structural foundations to life!”, said the jury.

Photos: Oliver Schuh

Address: Domplein 4 Utrecht

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