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Sunday afternoon in the park. Bring your BBQ, invite friends, and a bottle of wine in a paper bag.

A sunny Saturday or Sunday afternoon in Wilhelminapark: don't miss this fun and lazy experience. Fill your picknick basket with good stuff, call or whatsapp your friends  and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere!

Groups of friends, families with kids, young couples in love: they will all be there. There are groups playing soccer or throwing a frisbee, sun worshippers do just that, a barbeque is being lit. Walking around you may hear seven or eight different languages.

Unlike in the inner city parks, such as park Lepelenburg, there is no alcohol ban in Wilhelminapark (yet). But keep it pleasant!

Typical for Wilhelminapark:

Picknick "Gezellig" Friends Families

More interesting stuff like this:

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