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Zoudenbalch Estate

This wealthy family's residence is located in a narrow street that you would just walk past. Don't do that!

The Zoudenbalch residence (known by locals as "the house with the red shutters") stems from the second half of the 15th century and is located on Donkerstraat, a side street of Steenweg (pedestrian zone). The Zoudenbalch family in those days was one of the richest families in the city of Utrecht. They also were the owners of Oudaen, a so-called city castle on the Oudegracht (currently bar and restaurant).

The Zoudenbalch residence consists of several buildings that have been joined. In Mariastraat you will find remains of a monumental gate that provided access to the rear courtyard of the residence.

Unfortunately, the interior of the house was gravely damaged during a fire in 1903. After several reconstructions the building now contains aparftments; as a result, the building does not provide public access. Maybe you can get yourself invited by one of the current residents!

Address: Donkerstraat Utrecht

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